Why is Artificial Intelligence being used in email marketing now more than ever?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is considered no more a hobby technology by marketers. Data suggests that AI email marketing software can seriously impact business. By improving workflows and streamlining email delivery, AI is a fundamental pillar of any email marketing strategy.

At a basic level, AI can automate so many manual tasks like

  • Auto-populating subject lines
  • Bodies of emails, sending personalized email
  • Scheduling and optimizing email delivery
  • Purging email lists
  • Auto-generation of email newsletters, etc.

AI is not restricted to email marketing alone. AI is used in all aspects of digital marketing. 

Let’s look at how AI plays vital role in Email Marketing

1. Subject lines are the main bait!

As per research conducted by Chadwick Martin Bailey, nearly half of email readers decide to open an email based on its subject line. This percentage is clearly an indication of how critical a subject line is and underlines the importance of AI marketing tools. Artificial intelligence automates the process to populate a subject line based on various data points. So that the guesswork is left out. And data-driven insights are roped in. 

2. Timing is everything!

While the subject of the email written by an AI email assistant determines the catchiness of an email, the time and day an email is sent are as important. Not everyone loves to open an email on their Monday mornings. Yet, there could be several that do. Research shows that average Americans spend at least four hours a day checking and reading emails.  Artificial intelligence can help determine when a customer is most likely to read emails. It helps in sending an email just at the right time. 

3. Personalizing emails with AI

Not just the subject line, the email content can also be personalized with AI. When there are many types and categories of customers, it is difficult to create a personalized marketing campaign manually. Artificial intelligence can help achieve this. It is done by creating curated content. Based on class, category, customer, and consumer habits, personalized templates can be auto-created. 

How does AI-based email marketing help?

1. Decreased manual intervention

When everything is automated, there is no manual intervention. Less number of resources is needed. Fewer incidents of manual errors. No requirement for repeated training. Instead, only the AI and ML systems need to be trained in the form of an algorithm and data source overhaul periodically.

2. Increased revenue

When emails are sent by an AI system, they are much better because the emails were produced based on data-driven analysis. In due course, revenues increase because click-throughs are high. Conversions are high. Requests for information start to come in. In the long run, AI-powered email marketing campaigns pay off by a large margin.

3. Customer engagement

AI can be schedule-driven or sentiment-driven or driven by a sense of timing. An AI system understands when to engage with customers. This could be based on the data shared by the customer. AI systems engaging with customers on and off are better than manually driving email newsletter campaigns. These are not only time-consuming but may not be timely. 

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