Which is the Best – WhatsApp, Telegram, and Signal



Whatsapp is an instant messaging and voice-over service owned by Facebook. Active users are around 2 billion. The top features of WhatsApp messaging app include:

Group Chats

Allows Group chats up to 256 members has broadcast messages to multiple contacts at the same time.

Voice Calls

WhatsApp introduced voice calls for individuals and groups. However, it limits to 8 users at any time. 


Status (also called WhatsApp stories) is similar to Instagram stories.


Up to 16 MB Restricted to audio, photos, and video files. 100 MB for documents 


Option to share live locations with contacts 


It offers seamless backup and restores functionality through cloud services like Google Drive and iCloud. 


The end-to-end encryption (E2E) introduced in 2016 on WhatsApp is available on every single mode of communication that the app enables. Video calls, voice calls, photos are end-to-end encrypted. WhatsApp partnership with Open Whisper Systems provides end-to-end encryption with signal protocol, and it does not encrypt backups like cloud or local.


Metadata carries communications between two endpoints, does not encrypt metadata. is the major lacking of WhatsApp


Cloud-based instant messaging software provides end-to-end encrypted video calling, which accounts for over 500 million active users worldwide. Top Features of the Telegram messaging app includes:

Group Chats 

It offers Group charts of up to 200,000 members. 


1.5 GB  size limited for sharing files on Telegram.

Voice and Video calls

The app now has voice and video calls on Android and iOS devices, which is great because video call support was a significant omission.


Telegram has end-to-end encryption that does not enable by default. The only process to use end-to-end by its secret chart feature. The telegram groups do not encrypt because of single-user communication. 


An instant messaging service developed by the Signal technology Foundation. Had about 20 million active users worldwide. It encrypts all types of communications like messaging, voice, and video calls. Top Features of the Signal messaging app includes:

Voice and Video Calls

Allows to make one-to-one voice and video calls up to eight persons

Broadcast Messages

Option of Broadcast messages to multiple contacts is not available. 


The Signal is by far the best for security, be it on the back-end or the user-facing side of the service. It uses the open-source  Protocol to implement end-to-end encryption. 


Signal also encrypts metadata.

Sealed Sender

To safeguard users from all the sources, Signal devised a new way to communicate between the receiver and the sender is called Sealed Sender.  


Among the three messaging Apps, Signal stands head and shoulder above WhatsApp and Telegram in terms of security and privacy protection.

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