What do you expect to benefit from increased AI in Google apps?

Google Apps

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to greatly enhance the functionality of Google apps, making them more efficient and user-friendly. Here are a few examples of what users might want from more AI in Google apps:

Improved Search Capabilities

Google’s search capabilities are already incredibly advanced, but with more AI integration, they could become even better. For example, AI could be used to better understand user intent and provide more accurate and relevant search results.

More Personalized Experiences

AI can be used to analyze user data and tailor the Google app experience to each individual user. For example, an AI-powered Google Calendar could automatically schedule meetings based on the user’s calendar, email, and location data.

Increased Automation

AI can be used to automate repetitive tasks within Google apps, freeing up users’ time for more important tasks. For example, an AI-powered Google Sheets could automatically sort and organize data, or an AI-powered Gmail could automatically sort and prioritize emails.

Improved Accessibility

AI can be used to make Google apps more accessible to users with disabilities. For example, AI-powered Google Docs could read text aloud for visually impaired users, or provide alternative text for images for users with cognitive impairments.

Enhanced Security

AI can be used to enhance the security of Google apps by detecting and blocking potential threats in real-time. For example, an AI-powered Gmail could detect and block phishing attempts, or an AI-powered Google Drive could detect and block malware.


Overall, more AI in Google apps could greatly enhance the functionality and user experience of these apps. As with any technology, it’s important to strike a balance between the benefits and potential downsides, such as privacy concerns. However, with proper safeguards in place, more AI in Google apps could greatly benefit users.

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