VR headset sales rose by 505 from last year

VR Headsets

Growth in the VR headset market

As stated by the latest reports of the market research firm IDC, the shipment of VR headsets increased by 52.4% in the first quarter of 2021.

An increase in shipment is an indicator of a hike in the sale of a particular product and the same goes with VR headsets market share 2021.

However, IDC has predicted that for the ongoing year, the sale is going to be slightly lower because of shortage in the components in the global market, which has affected all the sectors of the technology market across the world.

The shipment of VR headsets is likely to be 7.15 million for the present year, which can be compounded to a whooping VR headsets market share 2021 41.4% in 2025, as predicted by IDC.

As for the market of VR products and headsets in particular in the US, by 2025, 28.6 million units are expected to be shipped.

The role of Oculus

The majority of the growth in the global VR headset market can be attributed to Oculus, as it had captured more than two-thirds of the global shipments of the VR headset units during the first quarter of 2021.

Oculus is presently the dominant brand in the consumer section of the VR headsets, but it is facing some competition in the commercial front, and lack of its presence in China, which creates a scope for the local brand to spur into business, implies Jitesh Ubrani, the research manager of the Mobile and Consumer Device Trackers segment of the IDC.

The reason behind the popularity of VR

According to Tom Mainelli, the vice president of the group at the Device and Consumer Research at the IDC, VR is a key factor and plays an important role in promoting the next generation collaborations, education, and all digital events.

Besides the Oculus Quest 2, which is an example of a standalone headset featuring an all-in-one design, another headset that gained prominence in the market is the HTC Vive Focus.

Together, both heads have captured almost 82.7% of the total shipments globally in the first quarter of 2021, compared to the first quarter of 2020, when the global shipment of VR headsets was 50.5%.

Such an increase in popularity can be attributed to more gaming as people are spending more time in isolation at home, an increase in awareness regarding fitness, the extensive adoption of VR technologies in the military, armed forces, and the automobile industry.

Moreover, the easy accessibility to technology-facilitated by companies like Facebook can also be a driving factor behind such exponential growth.

Besides a rise in demand for gaming consoles owing to the pandemic and social isolation forcing people to stay at home, one more reason for the popularity of VR headsets can be the potential role of VR in medical sectors, education, and industrial prototyping.

Some of the latest emerging trends in the sector are also encouraging the manufacturers to improve the design, making them more sleek, attractive, and convenient to use.

Final words

There is also a scope of incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning in VR technology in the future, which is believed to further fuel the market of headsets and all other VR gadgets.

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