Using text descriptions, Google’s new AI tool can produce music.

AI Duet

Google has recently released a new AI tool that can generate music from text descriptions. This tool, called AI Duet, allows users to input a text description of a desired melody, chord progression, or rhythm, and the AI will generate a corresponding piece of music.

AI Duet is based on a machine learning model known as a neural network, which is trained on a large dataset of music to understand the patterns and relationships between different musical elements. When a user inputs a text description, the AI uses this understanding to generate a unique piece of music that matches the description.

One of the key features of AI Duet is its ability to generate music in real-time. As the user inputs new text descriptions, the AI can quickly and seamlessly adjust the generated music to match. This allows for a highly interactive and dynamic experience for the user.

AI Duet is also able to generate music in a variety of different styles and genres. This includes everything from classical to pop, rock to hip-hop, and beyond. This versatility is made possible by the wide range of music in the dataset used to train the AI.

One of the most exciting potential use cases for AI Duet is in music composition. Musicians and composers can use the tool to quickly generate new ideas and explore different musical possibilities. It can also be used by music educators to demonstrate different musical concepts to their students.

Google has made AI Duet available to the public as a free web-based tool. It can be accessed at The tool has already received positive feedback from users, who have praised its ability to generate unique and interesting pieces of music.


In conclusion, Google’s new AI tool, AI Duet, is a powerful tool that can generate music from text descriptions. Its real-time generation and versatility across different styles and genres make it a valuable tool for music composition, education and entertainment. This technology is a great example of how AI can be used to enhance creative processes.

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