Update in the Google-Meet application due to the increase in usage

Google-meet Update

The usage of Virtual tools like Google Meet has increased. Due to the increase in usage, the Google team has installed some effects like filters, augmented reality, and colors due to the increase in usage.

Because of the coronavirus outbreak, certain restrictions and guidelines have to be followed. Among these guidelines, the social distancing of one of the rules to be followed by the people to prevent getting affected by the virus. This has affected the companies as they cannot conduct meetings in person. Hence, to overcome this problem, the companies have started using many tools and software to conduct meetings virtually. One of them is Google Meet. 

Why Google Meet?

This past year, virtual meetings have been at the forefront of work’s worldwide change. They were important for dispersed teams long before the epidemic, but they’ve now become the factor that holds the workday together for numerous teams and companies that used to share a physical workspace. The demand for an immersive, safe, and people-first approach to meetings has never been stronger, especially as the hybrid model emerges as a key element of the future of work.

What is new in Google Meet?

Although most of the Google Meet options are only available to personal use, it is reported that due to the increase in the usage of this application, the creators have added some of the special Google meet features such as new video filters, effects, and augmented reality which is not limited to iOS or Android. These new effects are available in the Google-Meet application. These features can be put into effect via the sparkle icon at the bottom right corner of the video call, which helps bring

Most of these effects are limited to personal use, while the professional accounts have to be kept more workplace-related with limited blurring and virtual background effects. The addition of these new effects by the Google Meet team has shown that the team has shifted the focus from enterprise and business users to the people who use the applications more regularly.

As per the statements released by the Google Team, these filters that have been added to the Google Meet applications are already present in the other Google applications such as Google Duo and 9to5 Google. Along with this, the Google team has made some changes in the Google meet applications. After seeing the tremendous response to these added effects, google also installed an option to add captions during the live streams.

Highlights of some latest features

Here are some of the latest Google meet features:

  • A more robust user experience for more productive and inclusive meetings, with the ability to simply reduce and conceal your feed altogether from your own perspective.
  • They’ve also enhanced content pinning and unpinning.
  • They’ve gathered all of the controls in one location. To provide more vertical room for seeing people and material, meeting dial-in codes, attachments, the participants’ list, chat, and other activities have been moved to the bottom right.
  • Video background replacement can help you keep your video calls private while also making them more enjoyable.
  • The Data Saver function reduces data use on mobile networks, allowing you to save money. This one is a new Google meet feature coming soon in India
  • Autozoom uses AI to zoom in and place you firmly in front of your camera, allowing others to see you more clearly.

Google Meet will keep people linked across all of their places and modes of working, as part of Google Workspace’s aim to power the future of work with a solution that is flexible, helpful, and fosters creativity.

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