Tesla reaches 150 YoY increase in Q2

As the second quarter (Q2) of 2021 wraps up, Tesla records the highest sales among all the other automobiles in the US.

The conclusion is obtained on the basis of a comparison drawn between the second-quarter sales in the year 2019 and 2020, or more precisely, between the years 2019 and 2021.

The sales of the Tesla automobiles have increased 51% from 2019 to 2021, which indicates that the market for electric vehicles in the US is steadily expanding while coming to the volume increase, Tesla vehicles were fifth in terms of volume increase trailing by Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, and Kia that eventually increased the Tesla Q2 earnings.

An occasion to congratulate

The record of Tesla Q2 earnings reaching 150 YoY in the Q2 of 2021 was achieved as the company manufactured and delivered almost 200,000 electric vehicles, for which Elon Musk congratulates his company Tesla and its workforce.

The record of Tesla Q2 deliveries was achieved between the quarter of April to June, overcoming a number of challenges and hurdles.

During the same quarter the previous year, Tesla had manufactured and delivered an estimated 82,000 vehicles and 90,650 vehicles, respectively.

The numbers indicate that electric vehicles are slowly gaining popularity among consumers in a market that is predominantly occupied by conventional vehicles running on petrol or diesel.

To meet the rising demands of electric vehicles, Tesla has significantly augmented its production facilities. 

This is evident from the fact that amidst the pandemic, Tesla has manufactured 206,421 vehicles and delivered 201,250 vehicles, which surpasses the past records of the company.

Challenges that were overcome

While congratulating Tesla and its employees, Elon Musk mentions the number of hurdles that had to be overcome to reach the milestone.

There were challenges in the supply chain and the logistics besides a shortage of semiconductors across the globe, and that is where the company has done an outstanding job in manipulating through the hardships and creating a record with Tesla Q2 deliveries.

Models that accounted for the most sales

Presently, Tesla manufactures the Model S sedan and the Model X Suv at its factories in the US and California.

A few smaller models like the Model 3 and Model Y are being manufactured in the factories in Shanghai.

The majority of the Tesla vehicles that were sold in the Q2 of 2021, making up the record of the bulk sale, were of Model 3 and Model Y vehicles.

Tesla implies that their count is a bit conservative, and the real magnitude of the sales can vary by 5% or more.

However, keeping everything aside, the data from the second quarter showed a significant Year on Year (YoY) 150% enhancement in its vehicles.

Many took turns in congratulating Elon Musk and his Tesla team on their achievements, and some even congratulated him on upholding the values of green earth.

Very soon, Tesla is supposed to venture into the Indian automobile market, which is confirmed by tweets from Elon Musk earlier in January this year.

Some of the other trends observed in the Q2 of 2021 compared to Q2 of 2019 were a general decline in sales in the automobile industry, by 1% or 63,724 sales.

However, compared to Q2 of 2020, most of the brands have seen a gradual increase in sales.

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