Smart home devices for the outdoor area of your property

The outdoor area of your property needs to be safeguarded as much as your indoor space.Smart home devices for outdoor areas help in maintaining safe, natural surroundings around the house. Smart home devices equipped with AI and augmented reality and connected with the internet of things offer supreme control at the fingertips over the entire property. 

Smart security devices can make the house and outdoor areas more secure. In addition to security, several smart home outdoor devices also accord ease and comfort. Smart outdoor facilitators can be smart visitor calling, smart property maps and way-finder, smart shields, smart artificial sunlight and smart outdoor robot.

Smart outdoor security devices 

Smart home security devices can sense changes in the environment instantly and send a report to the remote controlling device. Smart home devices are capable of detecting possible dangers to property as they instantly sense changes in temperature, pressure, sounds, and motion. Sudden changes in outdoor environment settings indicate occurrences that do not take place usually in those surroundings. In the event of an encroachment, fast running motion or fire in outdoor premises, the smart outdoor area devices instantly pick up the signals and transmit them to the remote receptor.

Smart home security devices can be installed in hidden view. The devices send an instant alarm to remote receptor if undue force is applied to them.

The following smart outdoor devices can be installed in property compound for better security:

1. Smart outdoorsurveillance cameras

Smart surveillance cameras and image recorders can be installed in outdoor compounds. These are connected to a remote receiver which provides a clear view of the compound area under surveillance. Thus property owner or manager is able to view who visited and who left the compound from remote locations with a handheld device.

2. Smart outdoorsound detectors

Smart sound detectors pick up the change in intensity of sounds like the entry of some animal, sudden noise or commotion and another sound that can indicate a security threat. These changes are immediately transmitted to the remote receiver of the property manager, who can then take the required action.

3. Smart environment sensor devices

Smart environment sensors can easily detect changes in the outdoor environment like lighting, temperature. Sudden darkness as if a storm approaching or fire in a compound can be indicated by environment sensors that transmit the changes instantly to remote receptor device.

4. Smart outdoor facilitation devices

Smart home outdoor facilitation devices can be installed in outdoor property areas to facilitate location finding, report visitor arrival, well lighted outdoors and maintaining outdoor décor.

5. Smart gatekeeper audio-video calling

Any visitor to a smart property can just dial into the smart visitor video calling device and report arrival. The device video captures, records and transmits a clear image of the visitor and credentials shown by the visitor. The device’s audio captures, records and transmits words spoken by a visitor for providing details like name, purpose and place.

6. Smart campus maps and location finder

Smart maps and location finder are helpful in large campuses that comprise residential and non-residential blocks. Any visitor to a particular location within the compound can refer to the smart touch screen map and identify the shortest route.

7. Smart artificial sunlight

Smart artificial sunlight provides light like the sun during the day and keeps the outdoor compound well lighted after sunset. The intensity of light can be increased or decreased by remote control.

8. Smart screens and barriers

Smart screens and barriers like smart curtains and shields can be drawn or withdrawn through a remote device. Smart screens and barriers provide protection against storms, heavy downpour, strong winds and dust and help maintain outdoor compound decor.

9. Smart outdoor robot

Smart outdoor robot can be programmed to traverse the outdoor area of the property and conduct several activities.

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