Smart Badge technology

Smart Badge is a revolutionary technology that makes networking automated, purposeful, time-efficient, and non-intrusive. So what is it anyway? Imagine you are at an event. You are there to network. You have to meet people and introduce yourself. But what if you keep shaking hands with the wrong people? Would that not be time wasted? Would it also lead to unwanted stress in you and also the people whom you met? If you meet a person who is not interested in knowing you, it’s not just time wasted but can also be considered by some as intrusive. 

Smart badges to the rescue

Smart badges are name tags but embedded with RFID chips. Worn around the neck, Smart Badges sync with a smartphone-based app or any event app. During an event, the app sends notifications to you or others based on your’ or others’ profiles retrieved from their respective Smart Badges. It helps in identifying people with common interests. So that your every handshake or “Hi” is directed at the right person. 

What are the advantages of the revolutionary Smart Badge technology?

Identifying people with mutual interests

During events, the organizers ask you to fill out a questionnaire. They then feed your answers with a system. They provide you with a Smart Badge. Your responses are synced with the Smart Badge and also synced with an event app on your smartphone. Then as you walk around, the app sends you notifications. It alerts you that you are next to another person with shared interests. Likewise, the other person gets alerted too. And then, it’s time to network and build a fruitful connection.

Find the right person at the right time at the right event

If you are at an event, and you can’t find the person or persons you are willing to connect with, then those days are gone. Now with this technology, as soon as you step into an event, your app starts beeping based on Smart Badge instructions. Instead of you getting to the other side, people will start approaching you. This is the smart way to network. No time lost in discovery. It’s about instant discovery and network building. 


Smart Badge technology is not restricted to finding people. It can also be used to generate reports. The locations of events, length of discussions, and the outputs of conversations can be recorded. An organizer or marketer can receive a heap of information in real-time as and when your network. If there are waiting times, the organizer can readjust the times of an event. Additionally, Smart Badge technology can assess the number of connections made. The connections were responsive. Age groups of connections and such information. Evaluations can be exchanged with participants. This is when data starts to become active and produce traction.


A Smart Badge or a Smart Badge App can be read by smart card readers. So that only authorized persons are let in. This is a better way to control access. Then by putting people at the doorway and asking to check identities. 

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