Pollution eating car introduces at Goodwood festival

Eating Pollution? Yes that’s made possible with this unique invention

Thanks to the Technology, a car has been designed to remove the air pollution as it drives along has been shown off at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. British designer Thomas Heatherwick created Airo. It might undergo production in China by 2023, with plans to make a million of them. The New design of the car is intended to address not only the pollution issue but also help to solve the “space crisis”. 

 Mr. Heatherwick even though designing London’s new version of the iconic Routemaster bus,  is well known for architectural projects such as Google’s headquarters in California and London.

The car which was shown first time at the Shanghai car show in April – has a huge glass roof, and the inner side is designed to look like a room, with adaptable chairs that can be turned into beds, and a central table planned for meetings or meals. The steering wheel is invisible in the dashboard and the exterior is coarse, with a series of ripples or elevations.

And replicate the flow of air over the car in the corrugated exterior, the front grill will be fitted with an air filter which will “collect a tennis ball worth of small particles per year”, “That might not sound much but think of a tennis ball in your lungs, that is supplying to cleaning up the air,  with a million vehicles in China alone, 

This unique idea behind the car’s design is an alternative space for possessors to use. Pandemic has raised the space crisis. 

Approximately one billion cars in the world are used around only 10% of the time, there is scope for them to become “valuable real-estate”, 

He was influenced by first-class airline seats, which are used “to sleep, eat, entertain and work”.This model car will be priced at around £40,000 – something Mr. Heatherwick narrates as “not crazy luxury”.

This invention will have a great impact on the environment in the coming decades.

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