OnePlus OxygenOS will merge with Oppo’s ColorOS

OnePlus shipped with a borrowed OS – Cyanogen OS before it developed its own Android skin – the Oxygen OS. This was in the early 2010s – at a time when the market was teeming with an Android frenzy. The pairing of OnePlus with Cyanogen was appropriate. But with time, the alliance split and OnePlus unveiled its own operating system on the OnePlus 2 instalment. 

OnePlus has for long courted no controversy over its Android skin – often dubbed by users as “clean and lean OS”. Community-inspired features kept the interest in the smartphone burning brightly more than ever. By the time Oxygen 11 made its way, OnePlus was endowed with a home-grown OS that was slick, chick, performant and feature-rich.

What is the Oxygen OS and Color OS merge?

It has to be noted that OnePlus and Oppo have one parent company – BBK electronics. The Guangdong-based company decided to merge the mobile operating systems of its flagship smartphones for giving users consistent experiences across both smartphones. It is also part of a larger strategy, given that OnePlus and Oppo have announced an operational merger

The change is primarily at the codebase level. The merged software update will be an over-the-air update on Android 12. End users will not see any noticeable difference. The common OS will now power all of the manufacturer’s future devices. 

The changes will be applied to the OnePlus 8 series, OnePlus Nord, OnePlus Nord/Nord CE, and N Series smartphones and newer devices. All devices will receive Android updates – at least two to three major ones. Security updates will also be given for at least 3 to 4 years as of now. 

Why do people love OnePlus?

OnePlus is a dynamic smartphone brand. It is constantly reinventing its form and function. Being an enthusiastic brand, it embraces change and adapts accordingly. This strategy is a far cry from traditional smartphone brands that do not dare to step out of their comfort zones. So anyone who is using a OnePlus is an “enthusiast”. The enthusiast market needs brands that constantly improve.

An open secret is no more a secret

Although everybody knew that OnePlus and Oppo had shared tech, the company did not explicitly state it. Actually, even Realme shares the technology. If anyone remembers the very first OnePlus One, it’s hard not to say that it looked like a rebranded version of Oppo Find 7. But unlike Oppo, OnePlus focused all its energies on tapping the western market. Coupled with good marketing, OnePlus was hardwired into mainstream memory as the enthusiast’s brand. 

The writing was on the wall despite trying to be a branch of its own tree, the threat of OnePlus being merged to Oppo was always looming. Now it’s the OSes. We really don’t know what will happen going forward. With the merging of both companies – OnePlus and Oppo, there could be further integrations. So the time is right to catch a OnePlus before it gets a new avatar – one that is totally different from yore.

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