OLED display – Samsung gaining certification in low chemical emissions

The OLED panels of the Samsung flagship model Display laptop achieved the most coveted Greenguard gold certification. This marks the much-awaited beginning in reducing chemical emissions from computer components.  With 13.3-inch to 16-inch measurements, theOLED panels are featured in the Book Pro and Book Pro 360 models of Samsung. Greenguard gold certification is assigned to electronic products that make revolutionary technological progression eliminating volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and adhere to the safest emission standards. 

Distinctive features of Samsung laptop OLED

  • The arrival of the pandemic has seen massive growth in the requirement of electronic devices. Low chemical emissions are the distinctive feature of Samsung display laptops. 
  • The Laptop OLED display panels introduce a cutting edge technology where plastic substrate sheets are minimised.
  • The backlight component of the LCD is a major contributor to light pollution consisting of harmful rays.
  • The latest tests conducted by Samsung’s R&D department recommended the use of self-illuminating structure, there by cutting down half of the standard levels of unwanted emissions. 
  • The retail divisions of major electronic companies have indicated that low chemical light-emitting devices are the number one priority among health-conscious consumers.

What are the mean benefits of green guard gold certification?

Many of the new laptops and other electronic devices increase the level of harmful contaminants in an indoor environment, causing adverse health impact. The Samsung Display laptops focus on the following components:

  • Concentration levels of indoor pollutants 
  • Sensitivity of individuals 
  • Room ventilation 

 The gold standard certification inhibits the addition of chemicals during the manufacture of chips. The emission levels from the electronic devices are kept low by the OLED panels of Samsung laptops. Maintenance of good air quality is the prime objective by eliminating excessive chemical exposure to light emitting emissions.

Some Important points about Samsung OLED panels 

The laptop and smartphone market ison fire with the introduction of organic light-emitting diode(OLED) by Samsung. High-resolution gaming is now available to the average smartphone user. The 15.6 inch OLED panels are on top of the technological reviews in websites that rank premium gaming content. 

The OLED panels in the Samsung display make sure that fast frame actions are flawlessly carried out without any glitches during FPS games. 

The seamless display creates rich images ata 120-hertz refresh rate, which enhances the natural image quality. 

Adaptive frequency technology helps in attaininglow chemical emission. OLED panels create the best VR experience by adjusting the variable refresh rate in every frame.

  • Samsung has a top level of expertise in the manufacture of OLED and LCD technologies. With ultra-thin design and energy-efficient battery, the focus is on the OLED display,which accentuates the advanced computing features. 
  • Industry experts indicate that the Samsung laptop OLED panels reduce the emission of blue light by up to 10% by adjusting the individual wavelength giving a calming effect on the eyes.
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