Get yourself a blue tick on the blue bird app: Become Twitter verified

Social media is no longer just an opportunity to connect with friends and family. It is now a huge global marketing platform with many possibilities to earn money and make lucrative career advancements. But the world of social media is also filled with scammers and cheats. So, to make sure that you appear trustworthy and reliable to the people you are trying to reach, it is very important to get verified. 

Apply to get verified on Twitter

Twitter is one of the last big social media platforms to jump on the verification trend. Here’s how to get verified on Twitter in 2021:

  1. First, fill in your Twitter profile entirely with a profile photo, a profile name, a cover and a header picture. Add your birthday for age proof. Make sure to add your phone number and email address as well. 

2. Now set your tweets to ‘public’(anyone that looks up your profile will be able to see your tweets). 

3. Now go to verification request in settings and fill in the Twitter verification form. If you want a personal Twitter account to become verified, you will have to provide some personal identity proof as well. 

After completed above mentioned steps, you need to wait for confirmation on your verification status from Twitter. But not everyone who applies for verification on Twitter gets their request approved. Twitter considers some particular criteria before giving an account a blue tick.

Maximize Your Chances at Getting Verified on Twitter

These are simple things to keep in mind before applying for verification on Twitter

  • Twitter only verifies accounts that they consider are in the public interest. Twitter has revealed some basic areas of public interest that they consider before verifying organization and individual accounts. This part of the Twitter verification process is a little subjective. These include 
    • Music
    • Politics 
    • Government 
    • TV
    • Film 
    • Fashion 
    • Media
    • Sports
    •  Journalism 
    • Business and many more 
  • Twitter also considers accounts for verification only if they are active tweeters for at least two weeks prior to the application
  • Twitter accounts with links to other verified accounts in their bio are more likely to get verified. 
  • Organizations who want to get their account verified should add dates and figures to their bio to make the account look more professional and put together
  • The Twitter verification form asks users to submit some links related to their area of interest. Personal accounts can share links to media articles about them or any publications that they might have. Companies can link their own website or links to any business award blogs. It is always good to submit at least 4 to 5 links to increase your chances of getting verified. 
  • For personal accounts, it is good to use all professional job titles in the Twitter bio. A good bio with a professional picture can go a long way in convincing Twitter to verify an account

There is no specific rubric that ensures that an account gets verified. These are some common elements seen in most Twitter verified accounts. Experienced digital media analysts suggest that it is best to study the profiles of other verified accounts to figure out exactly what Twitter is looking for. 

But if even after all this, Twitter rejects your Twitter verification application, there is no need to worry. You can apply again after 30 days to get your very own blue tick account. 

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