Microsoft Outlook is now available as an extension for the Google Chrome browser

Outlook extension for Chrome

Microsoft has finally launched an Outlook Extension for the Google Chrome browser. The extension now allows performing various actions on an Outlook Account without having to switch tabs. The extension is compatible with Outlook personal, Outlook business, and Hotmail accounts. In June of this year, the company released a similar extension for the Edge browser.


According to the Chrome Web Store, the extension is used to access work or personal accounts, send and receive emails, and receive notifications. Create events, view upcoming events, join online meetings, manage tasks, and perform the various tasks without switching to a new tab. Go to Chrome Web Store > Search for Microsoft Outlook > Tap on Add to Chrome to get the Outlook extension.

Edit PDF

Adobe also recently updated Google Chrome’s Acrobat extension, allowing users to edit PDF files directly in the browser. Previously, users had to open a new application on their computer or search for a web app to edit PDFs. 

Subscribe to Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

While all of the above features are available for free on the extension, users can also subscribe to Adobe Acrobat Pro DC to add more features to the application. These features include the ability to convert a PDF to a Word document. To convert a webpage to PDF and adjust the placement and orientation of PDF pages. If you want to remove specific pages from a PDF file, you’ll also need a subscription. Notably, the new features were made available in some form in August, according to a support page, but the company is now showcasing additional tools.

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