iPhone 14 series will come with Samsung’s M12 OLED displays

Iphone 14

The preferred gadget for all forms of entertainment is now a smartphone. Smartphones provide a wide range of experiences, including watching movies, playing games, and taking images. The high-quality displays on your smartphone improve each of these experiences. Due to this, tech behemoths have invested millions of dollars in advancing display technology.

Apple, widely regarded as the industry leader in smartphones, has continuously improved its product to satisfy the shifting needs of its sizable customer base. The Cupertino-based tech behemoth is getting ready to introduce its high-end iPhone 14 series.

The newest rumours indicate that the iPhone 14 models will include Samsung’s M12 OLED material set. Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC), has confirmed this to Forbes.

All about M12

According to reports, the main components of the OLED panels used in this revolutionary display are red, green, and blue pixels. M12’s integration will essentially improve the colour accuracy and energy efficiency of the upcoming iPhones. The new display will significantly improve the overall performance of the iPhone 14 models even though displays cause higher battery drain. Let’s watch and see how apple manages to keep up it’s battery performance with this new display edition.

In the meantime, despite rumours that the iPhone 14 debut may be delayed, Apple is doing everything in its power to guarantee that customers receive their orders on time.

Latest updates

The renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo warned earlier this month that there would be a delay in the iPhone 14 Pro Max and the iPhone 14 Max due to supply chain problems. The tech juggernaut appears to be launching the iPhone 14 series on the scheduled day, though. In order to meet the deadline for the iPhone 14 debut, the tech giant reportedly diversified its component suppliers.

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