iOS 15 public beta reviews

IOS 15

iOS public beta is here. Anyone with an iPhone can download and use the mobile operating system. At the WWDC in 2021, Apple brought out a teaser of the big update. The features discussed in the WWDC are available in this update. Here’s looking at some of the significant feature updates.

Resurgence of FaceTime

The update to FaceTime is the one that caught everybody’s attention the most on Apple iOS 15 beta. FaceTime now integrates SharePlay. With the latter, content can be streamed to FaceTimers during a live call. The content is synced, can be paused and replayed. When on a call with friends and family on FaceTime, you can share songs, TV shows, and several other types of multimedia content. 

Safari’s new interface

Safari, the iOS browser, has undergone a facelift. The search bar has been placed at the bottom of the screen. However, the search bar is not fixed but a dockable floating panel. This means that the search bar’s intrusion into the webpage real-estate is less. 


Do Not Disturb is now Focus. You use this app to set up specific times to focus on. During these focus times, you can restrict apps and people from contacting you or at least limiting your contact with them. You can also configure notifications to be sent. Focus has a wide range of customization options. 

Redesigned weather app

For globe-trotters, the weather is an important variable to consider. When flying across the globe, it’s always a good habit to check the weather of the destination. The Apple iOS 15 beta Weather app has been redesigned. Rainfall, air pressure, humidity, wind direction, wind speed etc.  – all of these indicators are depicted in intuitive, self-explanatory ways.

Live Text

Using the camera to read the text and inserting the text into messages is a feature that you might have fancied. Now it is reality, thanks to the optical character recognition technology of the Live Text feature. You can extract text from gallery photos, online content, screenshots, etc. Note that Live Text does not recognize all languages, some of them, namely, Japanese or Korean. 

Improvements to Map

Can Apple iOS 15 beta make people move away from Google Maps? Apple has for long stumbled here. But Apple Maps has been steadily improving. The new Maps feature provides a 3D view with greater details. You can see buildings, commercial districts, and several other geographical objects clearly. Apple’s data collection via its thousands of vehicles that send live data to its servers for Maps integration is finally starting to pay off.

Shared with You

When someone shares a weblink, song, or photo, it appears in your Apple Messages. But you would want to open this content in its dedicated app. Shared with You bridges that gap. This app integrates all messages delivered to you with their appropriate apps so that you can open the content in your Messages as well as the designated App view.

When is iOS 15 coming out?

iOS 15, the much-awaited Apple’s latest operating system for IPhones is all set to be released in the fall of 2021.

How to get iOS 15?

While the public beta iOS 15, along with public betas for iPadOS 15, watchOS 8, and tvOS 15, will be available in September, around the time Apple reveals its next-generation iPhones, you may test an early version now by downloading the public beta, which Apple published today (macOS Monterey is coming soon).

Which are the iOS 15 supported devices?

The iPhone 6s and subsequent devices are compatible with iOS 15. The new iPadOS 15 is, on the other hand, compatible with all iPad mini 4 and later devices, iPad Air 2 and later models, iPad 5th generation and later models, and all iPad Pro models.


Apple iOS 15 beta clearly has a lot of useful, exciting features that improve your productivity saves you time, and helps you not think of changing your loyalties from iOS to Android!

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