India’s Most Advanced Drone, dubbed ‘Cyber One,’ Is Launched

Cyberone Drone

The world is going through some of its most difficult times, and India has seen success in technology and research. India launches the most advanced drone cyber one.


Drones, also known as “Unmanned Aerial Vehicles” (UAVs), are designed to perform tasks ranging from the mundane to the extremely dangerous. These robot-like vehicles assist in the rescue of flood victims and dropping off groceries at the door.

Drones are of prime purpose for the military and aerospace industries. They found their way into the mainstream due to the increased levels of safety and efficiency. The robotic Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) operate autonomously and without a pilot on board. 

Cyber One

 Indo Wings, a pioneer in UAV & Anti-UAV manufacturing & services, introduced Cyber One, India’s most advanced drone with a 360-degree radar sensor, 30x zoom camera, and over 65 minutes of flight time at top speeds of 80-100km/h. Furthermore, its night vision camera, artificial intelligence-based flight, and one-touch flight make it one of the unique technologies ideal for monitoring and mapping in a variety of sectors such as gas leak detection in oil and gas refineries, pipeline inspection, solar energy farm thermal mapping, forest mapping, roads, and rail.

 At the Drone International Expo at the 6th International Police Expo in New Delhi, Indo Wings demonstrated cutting-edge solutions for managing emergencies during natural disasters.

Versatile Payloads

 They’ve also started making the ‘Cyber One UAV,’ which comes with a variety of versatile payloads like a public address system, day and night vision cameras, spotlighting, lidar sensors, and so on. Furthermore, it has world-class features such as triple failsafe redundancy, which allows the aircraft to auto-return to “Home” and land. The system intelligently activates in situations of communication failure, low battery, battery imbalance, high wind speed, and exceeding the system’s temperature limit, keeping the UAV safe from accidents.


 Advancement intends to assist all types of government and private agencies in disaster management. Cyber One is on standard with any global tool in the drone field. In the coming years, we will see an increase in utility and technology, which permits solutions to people globally with innovations.

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