How to Use iOS’s New Hide My Email Feature

Hide Email Id in IOS

Online privacy is critical, but it is hard to keep your identity safe. When you join any website, you must give your email address away. And if your email address is just your name – you may be giving away even more information.

Apple’s “Hide My Email” service comes in handy, users to sign up for websites and fill out forms using a fictitious email address. It prevents people from seeing the email address which allows receiving the emails.

Here’s how to use Hide My Email and keep track of your bogus email addresses.

Hide My Email on the iPhone: How to Use It

Hide My Email is available to all iOS 15 users, but some locations require iCloud+ to use it.

In two scenarios, Hide My Email is an option:

Signing in with Apple

Apple introduced the Sign in With Apple program a few years ago, which enables users to create accounts with the help of Apple ID credentials. It’s a quick way to begin using an app without remembering a username and password.

1. Open an app that offers Sign in With Apple as an option when creating an account.

2. Select Hide My Email, and then click Continue.

This feature is available to users who have an Apple ID account.

Filling out a form or signing up for a new service

Only iCloud+ subscribers have access to this feature.

When filling out forms online, an email address is required. Hide My email address works here.

1. Tap the email address text field.

2. If the phone recognizes that it is requesting the email, tap on hiding My Email, which appears as an autocomplete option.

3. A menu will appear, with a randomly generated email address on it. Press the refresh button.

4. On the next screen, label the fake email with a Note so that you can remember.

How to Remove the Hide My email addresses

To manage all of the false Hide My Email Addresses in Settings. Check out below

1. Begin the Settings app and tap the name at the top of the page.

2. Select iCloud, then Hide My Email.

3. Tap on an existing address to change its label, make a note of it, and activate or deactivate it. Deactivating the address does not delete. Emails sent to it, however, will no longer be forwarded to you.

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