How Elon Musk’s Starlink Satellite Internet a game-changer in India?

Starlink Satellite

How Elon Musk’s Starlink Satellite Internet Project is a game-changer in India? 

The Innovator Elon Musk CEO of Tesla and SpaceX is an American-based Electric vehicle and Aerospace company now planning to enter India by providing satellite-based internet services.

As per the news, in the Indian telecom industry, SpaceX can launch a satellite-based Internet service. Through the Starlink project, the company can provide internet services to any corner of the world through satellite. SpaceX expresses that within just four months since it entered the beta testing phase it has 10,000 active users worldwide.

What is Starlink?

Starlink is a satellite internet constellation that has been developed by SpaceX. The constellation is made up of thousands of small satellites in low earth orbit. It provides high-speed internet with low latency broadband, initially, it has 50 MBs to 150 MBs of data speed with 20 ms to 40 ms latency

Advantages of Starlink Satellite internet

Rural Areas

The internet in some rural areas is not connected in few areas it’s expensive and slow. With work-from-home culture becoming prevalent, Satellite internet provided by Starlink will give faster internet at cheaper rates and connects all  rural areas


 The only source of the web stumped was satellites that are expensive and slow. Starlink’s low orbital satellite won’t only provide fast internet but also offer an inexpensive price. Thus, cruise, cargo, or private ships will all have access to the Internet, which was earlier impossible.


Built-in WiFi is provided by a number of airlines, most are no-cost, most are paid, but none having a high quality that is great. As most of all of them make use of satellite net, it is very slow and internet that is satellite as of now is extremely sluggish and high priced. However, it will probably be innovative for Starlink airlines because their internet will not only be less expensive than conventional satellite internet but additionally quicker.

The drawback of the Starlink Satellite Internet

Overcrowding in Space

The sky could get messed up by the 12,000 or more Starlink satellites. This will have interference for the satellites orbiting around the earth. 

Maybe not portable

Compared to the basic net this is certainly mobile Starlink isn’t transportable. We are able to just take our cell phones easily anywhere and receive the net but clearly, the Starlink meal is certainly not portable at all. Though there is a probability of setting up the meal over an RV or Boat, it is not small enough to carry freely. 

Reduced internet in cities

Another significant downside for Starlink over cable internet is that at any moment, Starlink includes a fixed quantity of satellites over a specific place and all sorts of people for the reason that particular area is revealing the bandwidth this is certainly the exact same. So, in places, the bandwidth is certainly shared by many folks when compared with rural places. Therefore, Starlink’s rates in metropolitan areas are reduced compared to places that are suburban.


As per the reports United Nations declared the Internet as a human right. With Starlink satellite internet covers the entire globe hence, everyone has access to the internet. 65% of the population lives in rural India, So Starlink satellite internet is turning to be a game-changer in India.

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