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Recently, Facebook launched a brand new product known as Ray-Ban Stories. These pair of Smart glasses can capture pictures and shoot videos that can be posted on a social media feed. It can also be used for listening to music or podcasts as well.


The concept of any wearable is to make technology extra instantaneous and accessible without counting on our smartphones. Whether you are dining somewhere, or on a vacation, or even driving to work, and suddenly you want to record something for posterity, these pair of smart glasses come in handy.

The glasses don’t have an integrated display, hence they will probably depend on different applications for controls through smartphones.


These pair of smart glasses are a key part of Facebook’s wearable plan which aims to build a multi-modal technology platform that can help in blending virtual and physical spaces and can be utilized for many different things such as shopping, work, and socializing.

The photos captured with these smart glasses can be edited using the Facebook View Companion application and can be shared via various platforms of social media.

Calls can also be taken up while using smart glasses.


  • The glasses can be easily paired with both iOS and Android devices. 
  • These smart glasses ought to be paired with the Facebook View application. Commands like ‘Hey, Facebook record a video’ can also be used to perform the task as these smart glasses support the Facebook Assistant. However, the assistant is currently available for English only.
  • The Facebook View application allows users to import, edit and share photos or videos captured and can be further shared on social media platforms.


  • Up to 50 videos/200 photos per fully charged smart glasses can be captured and synced. The approximate duration of fully charged glasses is up to 6 hours for moderate usage and up to 3 hours for continuous usage.
  • View app permits users to customize their experience and let them decide where they want to import the photographs, and videos captured with these.
  • All the photographs and videos captured on the smart glasses are encrypted.


  • Dual 5-megapixel camera sensors
  • Embedded Bluetooth 5.0
  • Wi-Fi to synchronize with a phone
  • Capture-LED lights 
  • An audio array of 3-microphone
  • Hand-tracking cameras
  • Eye-tracking technology
  • A battery and a charging case
  • Enough storage for 500 pictures
  • Speakers.


  • These smart glasses allow capturing photos and videos up to 30 seconds
  • The smart glasses look exactly like classic Ray-Bans.
  • Snap a photo or record a video by using a button present on the right side of the glasses.
  • Control music, voice assistant, and calls with a touch area on the right side of the smart glasses. 
  • Adjust volume, tap to play, pause and skip music, or double-tap to answer and end phone calls by swiping left or right.  
  • Data like battery life, Wi-Fi information, and user login credentials are required.


  • Facebook is totally aware of the privacy concerns regarding its smart glasses.
  • A LED light has been placed on the glasses so that people around you will know when capturing a photo or video 
  • Tips are mentioned clearly for wearing the smart glasses responsibly considering people’s desire not to be recorded.

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