Email Marketing – A Connecting Platform Of The Future

Email Marketing

At a point when you need to develop your brand or promote your products/services, email marketing is perhaps the most popular and powerful tool for marketing campaigns.

Email marketing is a kind of advertising that can make the clients on your email list mindful of new products, discounts, and other services.

This article is an insight on email marketing and the usage of promotional emails which can help grow your business, along with a few tips to help you assist with a successful email marketing campaign.

Sneak peek in the history of Email

The very first email was sent in 1971 by a computer engineer named Ray Tomlinson and it was the beginning of a new era of communication. 

By the ’90s, the internet had become commercially opened up to the majority. How people communicated with each other started to change significantly, and marketers found that email could be a viable method for promotion. The development of marketing emails likewise introduced the requirement for administrative updates

Ever wondered what’s email marketing

Email marketing can be defined as a process of using email as a business channel. It is an advertising channel, a form of direct marketing, that utilizes email to promote your business’ products/services. It can also play an essential part in your marketing procedure with lead generation, brand awareness, building connections, or keeping clients engaged with purchases through various sorts of promoting messages.

Insight of email marketing process

It’s a process that requires a lot of testing to find out the best ways to communicate with customers in a way that is beneficial for them and your business goals.

Here’s an overview of how email marketing works:

  • Sign up for an email marketing tool
  • Create an email marketing strategy
  • Build and grow your email list
  • Set up automation tasks
  • Monitor and improve campaign performance through testing
  • Clean up your email lists often

Email Marketing, an essential

Besides being effective, email marketing is personal and accessible for a wide variety of companies. Email marketing is important because it has a unique spot in the content marketing of today, hence many people want to prefer email marketing for their respective businesses.

Below are the reasons to consider email marketing is important: 

  • Emails are used by the majority of the World’s population
  • You can own your customers and communicate directly
  • Users voluntarily register to receive email messages
  • Email is one of the efficient selling tools
  • Email marketing can be automated
  • Performance can be measured easily and accurately
  • It’s a great survey tool
  • Increases the value of the online business

This is what happens if email marketing is used

Email marketing helps in building a relationship with your customers. Below are few advantages of email marketing:

  • It drives traffic to your blog, social media, or any other platforms where you would like your customers to visit.
  • Mobile is the most popular platform for users to interact with emails for the first time
  • You can segment your emails 
  • You can target your users by demographics
  • It allows running tests of a subject line 

Little known tips for building email marketing

Email marketing is personal, targeted, and dedicated to reaching a specific set of users. Because Email marketing is different compared to social media, here are a few tricks and tips which can build up your email marketing game up:

  • Write a good subject line.
  • Personalize your emails.
  • Make your emails clear and catchy.
  • The subject line should always be related to your copy.
  • Keep it relevant and short.
  • Focuses on the benefits rather than the features of your offer.
  • Let your personality shine.
  • Don’t spam.
  • Don’t buy email lists.
  • Have knowledge of national (and international) email regulations
  • Only send when you need to

Steps to follow to start Email marketing for Business launch

Evolve your email marketing with the top 12 tools in 2021

Create ultimate customer experiences with different Softwares and empower your Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service. Take a look at the list of email marketing tools that will help you with your task!

  1. SendInBlue
  2. Constant Contact
  3. Sales Handy
  4. GetResponse
  5. MailChimp
  6. ActiveCampaign 
  7. Convertkit
  8. Drip
  9. Keap
  10. MailerLite
  11. MailJet
  12. Maropost

1. SendInBlue

SendInBlue is a powerful email marketing software with a complete set of tools to automate your marketing efforts and grow. It helps with your email marketing needs as well as also helps automate SMS, simple landing pages, and ads. Once you set it up, it also runs on autopilot and allows you to easily segment, retarget, and reach customers.

Features of this tool:

  • Sendinblue works best for both businesses and individuals. Pricing depends on the number of messages delivered every month.
  • The tool is user-friendly and has quick learning, regardless of whether you never utilized email automation marketing software before.
  • SendInBlue offers a generous free plan, so you can try all the primary components before spending a solitary dollar.

2. Constant Contact

To automate how your company reaches customers, Constant Contact is the leading marketing tool out there.

Features of this tool:

  • This tool turns out better for small businesses, with features that go beyond what most usually email marketing software offers inexpensively. 
  • It offers great support to the clients, with many aides, online courses, and different content to help those who are still learning.
  • It offers tools to enhance the brand’s social media presence. 
  • On their website, users can create coupons and downloads to present special offers for their customers.

3. Sales Handy

SalesHandy is a simple to utilize email marketing platform that assists with sending customized cold email campaigns. 

It upholds custom domain following, which assists with staying away from email spam channels. Moreover, you can check the email addresses before scheduling campaigns to lessen bounce rates and drive high open and response rates by utilising an add-on. 

Features of this tool:

  • It enables your emails to get conveyed to your beneficiaries’ primary inboxes. 
  • It’s available as Chrome Extension and Web App.

4. GetResponse

GetResponse is an incredible tool for individuals who are beginning with marketing automation. It offers a work process to assist you with understanding the buyer’s journey and build better proposals with these experiences. It uses three basic ideas conditions, activities, and filters, for constructing a wide range of collaborations and triggers to get more clients.

Features of this tool:

  • It is best used for medium-sized businesses and features great tools at a low cost.
  • It also includes a Perfect Timing tool which helps predict the best time of the day to have your emails sent to clients.
  • It features tools to help create landing pages, webinars, and other types of content.

5. MailChimp

MailChimp is one of the most popular and simple email marketing software solutions to its uses. It comes with a content studio, a lot of professional-looking layouts, and a lot of analytics tools that will assist your advertising get better over time.

Features of this tool:

  • MailChimp tools are exceptionally simple to utilize and are available even in free plans.
  • It has numerous significant measurements to help your Digital Marketing technique.
  • It integrates with most other popular marketing platforms.

6. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is the perfect tool to build a strong relationship with customers. It creates beautiful email marketing creatives and uses dynamic content and segmentation to start personalized conversations with your audience.

Features of this tool:

  • ActiveCampaign can be personalized as per the requirements. 
  • It also offers a full automation tool suite for Enterprise plans.
  • It has plenty of sales and marketing automation tools that will help your brand score better leads and sell more.

7. ConvertKit

ConvertKit is the most appropriate tool for small brands and influencers, who need an amazing tool with plenty of resources but can’t invest much in it. It is developed to help a person build an audience and is easy for customers to start a conversation with leads.

Features of this tool:

  • It is developed considering e-commerces and offers many great tools to help brands sell more online.
  • It offers the most comprehensive and simple to utilize marketing automation tools and a visual builder interface to help you create amazing email campaigns.

8. Drip

Drip is a marketing automation tool meant to build long-lasting relationships with clients. It includes a complete CRM Tool and plenty of customization options.

Features of this tool:

  • It caters to all the influencers, bloggers, and managers of small or medium-sized e-commerce businesses.
  • It is beginner-friendly and has intelligent marketing automation tools to help you sell more products.
  • It features tools that help in understanding how customers behave when they receive messages. 
  • It offers the best analytics resources in the market.

9. Keap

Keap is a professional tool that features a complete CRM tool for client management, appointment tools, and invoice and payment processing. It boosts the interaction with customers using a single email marketing platform and focuses on follow-ups with customers.

Features of this tool:

  • It’s one of the first to introduce drag-and-drop features to help with building layouts.
  • It has advanced segmentation and subscriber tagging tools.

 10. MailerLite

MailerLite helps in building custom campaigns, manage automation, and perform surveys. It generates powerful data to help in increasing brands’ success over time. It features analytical tools which allow in understanding the insights received on emails.

Features of this tool:

  • It is available in multiple languages and is one of the quickest in marketing.
  • It has flexible templates that can be adapted to almost any situation.
  • It is best suitable for smaller companies, freelancers, and small businesses as it is affordable.

 11. MailJet

MailJet is one of the most straightforward email marketing tools and it offers and other tools that help grow your audience and increase sales over time.

Features of this tool:

  • Its templates are the best features that allow content to be customized easily.
  • It offers a full free version and is one of the most intuitive interfaces for building emails with a few clicks.
  • It’s the most reliable email delivery with SMTP features.

 12. Maropost

Maropost helps in acquiring, engaging, and converting clients through email marketing and automation campaigns. It has access to a cloud-based marketing automation platform designed for multi-channel customer engagement. 

Features of this tool:

  • It automates marketing across all the mediums like email, mobile, web, and social.
  • It integrates the tool to other platforms.
  • It has its own group of deliverability experts.
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