Elon Musk announces humanoid Tesla Bot

Tesla Humanoid Bot

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is indicated as the future technology. It promises efficiency and reduces the workload on the workforce to produce excellent results. Elon Musk has never been a fan of artificial intelligence, but he has recently demonstrated a willingness to adapt to it. Musk unveiled Tesla Bot, a one-of-a-kind AI solution, in front of the entire world on the sidelines of Tesla AI Day. He did not disclose the details but mentions it will eliminate dangerous, repetitive, and monotonous tasks. The event also revealed the fundamentals of how Tesla Bot works, what it will look like, and when we might be able to see one of its prototypes in public. Everything you need to know about the Tesla Bot is right here.

What exactly is Tesla Bot?

The Tesla Bot is a humanoid robot that uses the same AI technology that Tesla uses in its self-driving cars like the Model 3, Model X, and others. Robots instill fear in most people when AI is heavily engaged in their development. But, unlike the knaves in science fiction films, Tesla Bot was created by humans, for humans. According to Musk, it is friendly and will assist you with basic chores such as grocery shopping or any activity.

Design of Tesla Bot

The unveiling of the humanoid robot was a little underwhelming because the Tesla at the event was a man dressed up as a Tesla Bot. We can extract the black and white dual-tone design with the Big Tesla branding on the chest from all the rendered glory. The Tesla Bot seems to be a humanoid tool with a face cover, arms with ten fingers, and feet without toes. The robot will also have 40 electromechanical actuators, will include two necks, two torsos, twelve hands, and twelve legs. The addition of forcing feedback sensing is likely to pair with the Tesla Bot cameras.

Musk also revealed some physical details about the Tesla Bot. The humanoid will stand 5 feet 8 inches tall and weigh 125 pounds (56.6 kg).

Tesla Bot characteristics

The Tesla Bot’s head will provide autopilot cameras that will allow the robot to operate. The capability of Tesla Bot is what makes it stand out. Musk claims that the Tesla Bot will not be able to overpower or overrun humans. It can step at a pace of 5mph (8.04 km/hr), which is quite tolerable and feasible for humans. The humanoid is going to be ready to carry 45 pounds (20.4 kg), deadlift 150 pounds (68 kg), and extend its arm to lift 10 pounds (4.5 kg). AI set up autopilot cameras, FSD computers, multi-cam video neural networks, auto-labeling, simulation and tools, and DOJO training will also be included in the Tesla Bot specifications. 


Musk mentioned during the presentation that the first Tesla Bot prototype could be ready by next year. The 2022 deadline for prototypes appears impractical and suggests that the entire thing may be a joke from the entrepreneur.

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