Agritech platforms that assist farmers during the planting season

agritech platforms

India’s primary source of income is agriculture, which employs 118.7 million people and accounts for more than half of the country’s population. In India, however, the use of technology in agriculture has been limited. As a result, India’s agriculture industry contributes only 17-18% of the country’s GDP. However, in recent years India has seen an increase in the number of agritech startups.

Some agritech startups have developed innovative cultivation methods to help farmers and provide high-quality products to consumers. Here is a list of agritech platforms that can assist farmers during the planting season.


The largest agri-tech marketplace in India is focusing all of its efforts on providing farmers with cutting-edge tools at reasonable prices. The digital platform not only provides farmers with access to agricultural inputs such as fertilizers, seeds, planting materials, and equipment, but it also strives to provide farmers with adequate information on the quality and best practices of the products they purchase. AgriBazaar gives valuable insights into the incorporation of organic inputs into sustainable farming practices. They have also developed advanced technologies to provide real-time crop advisory to farmers. Using Big Data, they analyze historical weather data and share real-time farming advice.

Unnati, backed by NABARD venture capital

An Agritech space assists farmers throughout the farming life cycle, including working capital, seed purchase and guidance, nutrient and pesticide purchases, crop harvesting, and sale. The agritech player collaborates with branded and high-quality players to provide farmers with the right seeds and expand their seed options. The platform believes that the right strategy is critical to farmers’ well-being. It also assists farmers in knowledge transfer, with the purpose to make the best decision based on land situation, commercial potential, weather conditions, and so on. It also helps with land preparation, irrigation best practices, sowing management, financing, and other aspects of seed procurement.


AgroStar, founded in 2013 by brothers Shardul Sheth and Sitanshu Sheth, is an online marketplace for farmers to purchase agricultural inputs. Agrostar also supports farmers by giving real-time expert advice on how to handle their crops and enhance yield.


It is a Karnataka-based agritech startup that has begun vision-enabled AI-based technology in agriculture. It has developed Machine Learning and computer vision techniques to detect defects in seeds and crops, allowing farmers to obtain high-quality seeds and crops. The results are available in seconds. The goal is to bring about technological disruption in seed testing, seed sampling, and crop yield, which is an urgent need. The startup is introducing digital technology and developing alternative solutions to help farmers use more sustainable farming methods.


It is a self-evolving, spontaneous, and creative system that implements future-ready farming solutions to the whole agricultural sector. The brand gives agri-businesses decision-making tools that increase flexibility, dependability, and sustainability. Real-time actionable insights enable farm management companies to make informed and timely business decisions. The predictability of yield quantity and quality, combined with lower operating costs, results in higher productivity for businesses.


With advancements in technology, digitization and startup culture are rapidly expanding. Farmers in India benefit from Agritech startups that provide information, techniques, and efficiencies. The future is of agriculture business in India.

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